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Farina M Thompson (Grandmother)  


Oklahoma Department of Human Services  

(OKDHS/CPS Foster Care)  

Case# JD-2006-180 Oklahoma County  

Kids# 20347104 (March 2, 2006)  

May, Davis, Benjamin, Walker – Children  

Jamira N May – Mother  


Judge – Richard W Kirby  

OKDHS DA – Jane Brown  

Children’s Attorney- Ryan Hauser  

OKDHS Case Worker(Supv)- Tara J Bone  


March 2, 2006 , My grandchildren were taken. The day my life changed for ever.  

The State of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Department of Human Services, Foster care organization has my grandchildren in the states custody.  

The State organization has denied me the children’s biological and maternal grandmother, my blood relatives, temporary and permanent placement.  

The Oklahoma DHS/CPS foster care organization, There policy are to make every reasonable effort to place and reunify the displaced children with their family. As it is asked in court of this question from the Judge.   

This question has never been answered correctly from day one of the court hearings. This essential question has always and continues to be answered incorrectly.   

No reasonable effort has been initiated. For if this would be true, Then of course my grandsons would have been home by now.   

I am the only Adult and Family member of blood that’s came forth to stand up for my grandchildren to show that I love these children and I want them home. 

I have put into action of how much I love and want my grandchildren. I have relocated from Reno Nevada to the State of Oklahoma.  

Moving to Oklahoma was a must and mandatory for me to be closer to my grandchildren. Also it was essential in fighting this case. With the family moving here it means that I can fight the State of Oklahoma DHS/CPS, with less stress than being out West on the West Coast part of the United States.  

Oklahoma DHS/CPS hasn’t made every possible reasonable effort to help my grandchildren to reunify with their family.  

I have attended the classes and completed both certification. I’ve verification.  

Once I moved to Oklahoma I started TFC, which stands for  therapeutic foster care , training at the Bair Foundation which that was interrupted from the Oklahoma Department of Human Services with a telephone call, instructing the agency not to license my home, as The State will not be-able to place children with me. I wasn’t interested in other family’s children, just my own.  

Court attendance. I’ve been at every appearance since I moved to Oklahoma, (with the exception of just one and that was due to the children’s mother, which is my daughter, that was to appear and present herself on her accomplishment and get her children)that’s the only time I excused myself from the court proceedings,(I thought my grandsons would have been home on that day). There were several times before I moved to Oklahoma when I flew down on more than one occasion for court and for visitation with my grandchildren. Also I’ve drove down on more than one occasion, As well.  

As a resident of the State of Oklahoma. I have acquired a comfortable and suitable home for my grandchildren. I have rented a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage home. It’s conveniently over 2000 sq ft, with plenty of living space for my grandchildren.  

Their rooms are furnished for their occupancy . It’s set up really nice for the boys.  

With all this that I’ve done for my grandchildren in preparing for them to come home. Believe it that the State of Oklahoma doesn’t want to hear it nor have they sent anyone out to my home to check it out. They are totally ignoring me and blowing me off.  

So the OKDHS/CPS foster care agency hasn’t made every effort to reunify my grandchildren with their family, nor to remove them from the States System. Not any effort to place my family my grandchildren with me.  

I Farina M Thompson the children’s grandmother has been up to the Oklahoma Department of Human Services HQ’s, on more than one occasion to see the States Director whose name is Howard Hendrick, Which by the way he conveniently hides behind the doors and the walls so as to not meet me in person and face to face, he sends out his under staff to face me. That’s the Director Howard Hendrick.  

My purpose for going to OKDHS HQ’s were for answers. I wanted to know why they were doing this to me and my family.  

Their reason was not sufficient enough for me. I don’t understand this. Not, at all.  

I was given a letter in person from Margaret Nobel an okdhs field representative of OKDHS on one of my visits to the OKDHS HQ’s, It was dated on September 9 2009.  

Here are a couple inserts from the letter stating why according to Oklahoma Department Human Services the reasons why they are intending on adopting my grandchildren out to complete strangers.  

Letter insert #1:  

Because of my past decisions and choices.  

Letter insert #2:  

Okdhs isn’t recommending me Farina Thompson for either placement, temporary or permanent placement and it would be best for me to get an attorney as that will be the only way as the court will have to decide on that.  

The State of Oklahoma and it’s organization, Oklahoma Department of Human Services DHS/CPS foster care are discriminating against me.  

My rights, civil rights and my constitutional rights has been violated.  

All I want is my family back together again. We have already lost 4 years out of our lives together as a family. My grandchildren has been out of our home for four years now. When these children should have been out of the states system much sooner than this. Four years this is an unjustified and illegal.  

My grandchildren were taken from our family on March 2 2006, Subsequently and approximately five months after that the children’s mother went to prison. Where she lived for and estimated 2.5 years. The children’s mother was released from prison on the eve of Thanksgiving of 2008.  

Following the mother’s release from prison, 10 months after her release from the Oklahoma Department of Corrections on September 15 2009, The children’s mother, she relinquished her parental rights to her children, that she gave birth to, her five sons.  

On 9-15-2009, we, me and my daughter, the children’s mother were in court before the judge.  Judge Richard W Kirby.  

The day my daughter, relinquished her parent rights. In my mind I was thinking that the State would have given me my grandchildren being that I’ve done so much and has come so far for them. But It didn’t happen that way. My babies are still in DHS/CPS foster care system.  

There is truly so much dirt and corruption going on in this organization. A lot is being swept under the rug.  

This is a scam, Adoption scam. These people make judgment calls on which children to return and to who whether it be their family or to adoption.  

Corruption it is.  

Okdhs stretches the truth and lies in court and the Judge doesn’t question them on it. Okdhs submits false statements as well.  

Oklahoma DHS/CPS foster care speaks of strengthening the families and reunification between the children their biological families. They only speak of it, They aren’t practicing it. Oklahoma Department of Human Services are using un orthodoxed procedure. They are not following their own polices and rules.  

What are the Goals and Priorities? If not these as listed in the Okdhs Manual of O. A. C.  

Reasonable effort, Reunification and Family visitation and contact with their family isn’t being applied or implemented in the children’s permanency planning with their family.  

It’s about the Money, The Revenue, Cash Flow, that they can receive once the child has been adopted, It’s about placing the children with families in adoption so they can get paid. It’s selling babies, It’s selling children. That should be against the law. It’s not right.. It’s not right that the government can be allowed to be able to destroy my children’s lives and break up our family.  

Strengthening the family, This isn’t it. The government organization Oklahoma DHS/CPS foster care has no family values or moral values at heart. For this state organization, OKDHS/CPS, for them to decide to destroy the lives of these little children and their birth and biological family and sever the children’s memories of their biological family are just cruel and evil. This is terrible.  

In the States manual it states that: The Oklahoma Department of Human Services: OKDHS/CPS foster care states that Their mission is to help the families by strengthening families and Reunification between the children and their biological family. This is true. They haven’t put fort every reasonable effort to place the my grandchildren with me the grandmother, This organization is against me and I am the children’s biological and maternal grandmother, I’m their blood relative, their family.  

I’m these children grandmother who loves them very much. It’s not right for the United States Government to give these states organization approval to adopt out my grandchildren to anyone, to complete strangers, Why? When, I am able and fully capable to provide for, to care for, and who love and nurture them. This is not right at all.  

I and my grandchildren are United States Citizens, born of this Great Country. And this is how we are being treated.  

The country just takes your children and sell them for profit, therefore, they are getting more revenue. This is not justice.  

Where is the Family Values in this?  

The great country, is allowing, our government, to destroy my family, our lives and my grandchildren’s history, ancestry, my grandchildren’s blood ties. This is the land of the free.? Right!  

My great country is allowing the organization to sever my grandchildren’s memories of their biological family. This is wrong and cruel  

My very own government has done this to me and my family my grandchildren. For allowing all of this to take place. Corruption is all this is.  

My grandchildren are still in foster care after 4 years. This isn’t nothing but a nightmare.  

I pray every night for my grandchildren.  

Case# JD-2006-180 Kids# 20347104  

Oklahoma County City of Oklahoma City  

My name is Farina M Thompson, I am a concerned grandmother and This is my story. 01.26.2010  










  1. I agree with you completely,DHS is only in this for the money not to help the kids and the family these children were taken from.They do not realize that THEY are the ones that are traumatizing these children,they are the ones that took these children from their home and all that they know.DHS workers are in this solely for their job and the money the state gets when they sell the children to the highest bidder..Not fair,Not right,Not cool

    Comment by Lissa — 2010/12/29 @ 12:59

  2. okladpstookmychildrenawayfornothingbeenfightingdpslestojudgemakefalsestatementsgotseveryinvolvedlisteentoningtothemtheydontwanttogivememychildrenbackimtringtoraisemoneytogetarealgoodattorneyandneedsomeontolistentomeimpoorandsingleandmychildrenaremylifeifyouhaveanysuggestionspleasehelpbecausemrchildrenaremylife

    Comment by tiny — 2011/02/16 @ 17:41

  3. dhs is in it for the money i have a jury trial coming up next week i pray they do not take my 3 kids away..any advice anybody

    Comment by montriel hall — 2011/03/05 @ 01:18

  4. I am praying for you! Also I’m praying for justice for all of the children traumatized by being taken from their loved ones, including 1 of my 3 children. This has got to stop! I too have a heartbreaking story. I don’t kniw the answers either. OKDHS has been in my life now for 7 yrs I can’t eben find an attorney to represent me in court. If anyone knows of one in the OKC or Norman area please share.

    Comment by Charity — 2011/09/27 @ 01:25

    • try richard bell in norman,oklahoma, my kids were also taking from okdhs in norman cause of them and the casa working and they were adopted out they have new names but there still my children i have recently united with one of mine and trying to find 4 more i have

      Comment by connie frances king scarberry — 2012/01/25 @ 14:04

      • Hi! Thank you for taking the time to read my family tragedy- How Oklahoma DHS has taken my grandchildren and totally has isolated and alienated my grandsons from their biological family. Because of the actions of Oklahoma DHS organization, my grandchildren has been in the system for 5 years- 10 months – 3 weeks – 5 days. I haven’t seen my grandsons in nearly 2 years – February 16 2010, was the last time I saw my precious grandsons. I have 5 grandsons in the foster care system. Their ages range from 7 years of age to 15 years.

        Comment by msfarina603 — 2012/01/25 @ 14:38

  5. I believe that is among the most vital information for me. And i’m happy studying your article. However want to remark on few normal issues, The site taste is great, the articles is in point of fact great : D. Excellent task, cheers

    Comment by Grey — 2011/12/04 @ 18:29

  6. My husband and I want to foster care yet we have been turned down we have been married for 15 years with no incidents. However there were allegations on me from over 15 years ago. We don’t drink, smoke or do drugs and all of our criminal background checks found nothing. Once someone makes allegations about you your put on a black list.and tarnished as a terrible person. Yet they give kids back to drug addict and people who have been released from prison and the kids end up dead. Our OK dhs system needs to be addressed.

    Comment by GD — 2012/06/23 @ 13:16

  7. Mrs. Thompson I have received an email from Tara please email me if you see this its important! Thank you!!

    Comment by jen — 2012/08/22 @ 14:35

  8. My grandchildren to were taken by the state of Oklahoma,my daughter did everything they asked of her and her father my ex husband applied for custody of all four of my grand sons and was told he didn’t have enough room for them so he voluntereed to add on rooms for the boys and then they came up with other excuses. Then they told my daughter that if she didn’t agree to give them up for adoption that she and the family would not be able to have contact with the boys until they were 18 years old. They got a attorney and tried to fight them because the foster parent that took them in was the one wanting to adopt them ,she was going to change their names not just their last names but their first middle and last names so by the family fighting back they gave the chi family from vister parent and blocked the wholw family from visiting our kids. They went back to court for grand parent rights and were told grand parents had no rights and we have been blocked from seeing them, talking on the phone to them, and we’ve tried to send gifts on birthdays and holidays and they are always returned to us. We still have a attorney but he doesn’t see any changes happeneing. What in the world happened to keeping the children with their families first before putting them in foster care much less making you adopt your children out, when you don’t want to. There are many family members in this case that will take them but the state is blocking that from happening. What the state of Oklahoma is doing is stealing our children and selling them off to the highest bidder how is that any different from kidnapping and selling kids into slavery or prostitution. I has to be stopped we need to get a petition started and stop these crooks from stealing our children ,especially the ones that have a loving home and family and are wanted.

    Comment by karrie johnson — 2013/04/28 @ 15:44

  9. I can relate with you about dhs they are a money hungry system and go after our precious babies that we love and miss. I been dealing with them for two long stressful years now. Will this fight ever end? Not until we all stand together against them….

    Comment by Chrystal — 2013/08/12 @ 14:18

    • Sorry for the pain and suffering that you are going through. I hope that everything is much better by now! I will keep you in my prayers. I am going through it as well. To date it has been – 9 years and 8 mos. Since Thursday 3.2.2006. Each and every day is a challenge! But we must stay strong and to remember that we are in the right to always and continue to go the distance for our love ones. We do love our babies and grandbabies, our family who was taken and kept away from us who care so much and deeply about them. Yes! we all do need and should stand together. I don’t know if whether or not you have contacted CRO- CHILDREN’S RIGHTS ORGANIZATION out of WASHINGTON DC — CHILDRENSRIGHTS.ORG
      I hope this will help in some way. My prayers are with you .

      Comment by msfarina603 — 2015/11/24 @ 18:43

  10. I am also fighting OKDHS. My daughter was killed 4/10/12. I called OKDHS in August 2012 thinking it was the right thing to help my Grandkids, I was so wrong. I don’t know where to go or what to do. My grandchildren are all I have left and yet I rarely ever get to see them. I’ve contacted the Governor, Senators, no one helps or even acts like they care. What can we do to get out grandchildren. I will not stop fighting. Please help

    Comment by Angela D Medley — 2013/11/30 @ 00:39

  11. Any updates on the case.

    Comment by Jack Peppers — 2014/05/07 @ 19:09

  12. The same thing is happening to me with my grandson. I don’t know what to do. my husband and I jumped through hoops to get him back with us (family)and to no avail.

    Comment by Gayla Miller — 2015/05/11 @ 11:07

  13. I have a situation in wagoner county my son was taken from me in January of 2013 upon false allegations of abuse. Proved to cps allegations were false. Here it is 2 & 1/2 yrs later he’s going back to his mom’s where there is no structure at all. I was awarded custody in June of 03′ by tulsa county cps. For my kids was constantly being molested by an adopted uncle. I filed lued molestation on the perp he wrote statement to Catoosa police of word for word of what my daughter said that happened. He went to jail mom left me & took the kids 2 days before court & did not take our daughter to court as witness for the state. Everything feel thru the cracks now cuz nothing happened to mom or mom’s family over the abuse & neglect now I’m paying for it again 15 yrs later. There’s more to this but would be typing all evening. I have documentation audio recordings to prove my complaint. Now after all of those years of abuse I’ve gone thru mentally & physically was for nothing. My son was 3 now fixing to be 16 & I’m considered as a lier to my kids cuz mother & grandparents never had to face any charges. Now wagoner country cps lied in court & have proof they filed false documentation in court & held court hearings with out my knowledge or presents in court. Mom didn’t appear in court till a year & a half after our son was placed in custody cuz of warrants in tulsa bit now comes out smelling like roses! How can that be? I need help who out there can help? Please something has to be done I have all the ammunition just need a mouth peice. 918-857-2944

    Comment by darrin1971 — 2015/07/29 @ 15:43

    • My heart goes out to you. I will keep you in my prayers. Hang in there don’t give up! I do understand completely what you are feeling and dealing with. This is no doubt a painful and unfortunate experience for you. Truly devastating for sure, I know all about it first hand; my grandchildren were taken in early part of 2006.

      Comment by msfarina603 — 2015/11/24 @ 18:20

      • I agree Oklahoma DHS child welfare has more mistakes made daily! My children was molested by a family member for years I stood up & took my kids in June 2003 all documentation I’ve saved but because my home was structured my son got to go back to his mom’s all because since mom & family didn’t get into trouble or arrested I’m a lier to my kids? How can that be? Even my daughter took a psych test to prove the uncle molested her & nothing was done! OKDHS child welfare is the most man hated organization know to man kind. I’ve dealt with this for over 15 yrs. I can say me & OKDHS child welfare do not get along! The system is very corrupt & has no remorse for whom they unlawfully destroy! My email is
        Darrin Cravens 918-857-2944
        Thank you for your support.

        Comment by darrin1971 — 2015/11/28 @ 11:49

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